Below is a list of my publications, with links where available. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing any of them.


Sing to the Lord a New(-ish) Song: The Psalms of the Egyptian Hallel across Two Thousand Years.” Brandeis University, 2020.

Journal articles

The Blind and their Work in Mesopotamia in the Third and Second Millennia BCE.” Osiris 39 (2024): 57–74.

Not Seeing, Unseeing, Blind: Disentangling Disability from Adjacent Topoi in the Hebrew Bible.” Journal of Biblical Literature 142 (2023): 363–383.

Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries

Braille.” in Encyclopedia of Jewish Book cultures. Edited by Emil J. Schrijver. Brill, 2023.

Online Journal Articles

The Bible’s Blind Old men.”, 2023.

Teaching Abortion in Bible and Religious Studies Courses.” Ancient Jew Review, 2023.

The Songbird: Linking Music and Blindness in Ancient Babylonia.” All of Us: The Peer-Reviewed Blog of the Disability History Association, May 2020.

Personal Essays

Perception is Reality.” Brandeis Magazine, Fall/Winter 2020.